Why Having Your Own Well Is A Good Idea Even In The City

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You might associate well water with living off the grid in the country. However, you can have well water in the city too as long as drilling one is within city codes. Even though the city provides you with treated water, you may want to consider installing your own well so you can enjoy the benefits of naturally filtered wild water. Here are some reasons you may want to have a water well drilled on your land.

You'll Have A Private Source Of Water

When you're connected to the city water supply, you are dependent on them to keep your home supplied. Sometimes, municipal water supplies fail. It could be due to a water main problem or after a natural disaster. There could be a disruption in the flow of water or the water could be too contaminated to drink. If you have your own water well, you'll always have a source of water right in your backyard. This could give you peace of mind if you're developing a survival plan and are looking for a way to supply your water needs.

A Well Can Be Powered By Alternative Energy

The water from a well is free, which is a huge plus if you want to have an irrigation well to water your lawn and garden. However, wells need a source of power, but you have options to consider. Rather than pay for electricity, you may want to install a solar powered well or even use wind power. If you have a shallow well, you can power it with a hand pump. This is an excellent option to consider if you want a well for emergency water use when there is no electricity during a disaster.

Natural Water From A Well May Taste Better

The taste and odor of natural water depend on the mineral composition of it. The taste of water varies from one geographical location to another. However, in most instances, natural well water tastes better than city water. City water contains water runoff that is treated with chemicals to purify it. The taste of municipal water varies from city to city partly because of geography and partly because of contaminants and the method used to remove them.

Well water comes from deep in the ground where it has been naturally filtered through the soil and rock. You'll want to have the water tested to ensure the source is not contaminated by local farms or industries, but if the water is clean and pure, it will probably be more enjoyable to drink than heavily treated city water.

If you live in the country, you may not have any choice about having your own well. Just because you live in the city it doesn't mean you have to drink city water. A well is handy to have as a backup water supply and for providing your home with free water that tastes good.

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