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Renting a dumpster for a home project can be convenient, and it may save you on dump fees, but it doesn't come without some concerns. The most important concern is regarding safety. You don't want to hurt yourself or for anyone else to become injured from the dumpster. The following tips can help you manage any safety concerns:

Tip #1: Make sure it's stable

There are two types of dumpsters typically rented out. The first is usually flat-bottomed and placed on a skid, which is a wooden or metal platform. Make sure the dumpster company levels the skid and that the dumpster doesn't wobble. The other common type is a roll-off dumpster. These have wheels. The wheels should be locked in place so the dumpster cannot move.

Tip #2: Get a good lock

You don't want someone falling into the dumpster or kids playing in it. Dumpsters can also attract both wild animals and pets. To avoid all of these concerns, make sure the dumpster comes with a lid, preferably metal. Then, invest in a secure lock and make sure the lid is locked tight whenever the dumpster isn't in use. When closing it up for the day, check inside for to make sure all that is in it is garbage. Banging on the side should frighten any animals, so they flee.

Tip #3: Stay out of the dumpster

It can be a bummer to toss something into a dumpster by accident. If you make this mistake, avoid climbing into the dumpster. This is especially important if you have thrown away anything dangerous, like nails or broken glass. Instead, use a stick or broom to try and snag the item out of the dumpster. If you must climb in, make sure you have someone on the outside to spot you. Where sturdy shows, heavy gloves, and protective clothing just to be extra cautious.

Tip #4: Avoid hazardous disposals

The rental company will likely provide you with a list of items that you can't throw in the dumpster, like gasoline and some chemicals. It is very important that you follow this list. Hazardous materials are harmful to the environment when they end up in a landfill. They can also pose a danger to waste management workers. Another concern are fires. For example, some paint thinners and stains can combust and result in a dumpster fire.

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